I’ve lived in three places my whole life. All within an hour drive of each other. Now I’m moving to a whole new state to a city I’ve been to once. I told my boyfriend like two months ago that I wanted to move out of California. Here are the reasons:

  1. Rent is ridiculous where we live now, we’re paying 1400 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment.
  2. I’ve felt stuck in a rut for a while now and I really need a change (although a location change doesn’t really change me just my surroundings, I feel like it’s an opportunity for self growth).
  3. SB has gotten really boring, it’s pretty and right next to the beach but other than that there’s not much to do here and the people are pretty lack luster. (So we’re basically paying for the scenery).
  4. My family is not to far away from where we’re at now and while I love them I’m tired of them interfering and breathing over my shoulder. It’s stifling and more often than not really annoying.
  5. I need some excitement in my life and moving to a bigger city where there’s actually stuff to do should help.


  1. When i said i wanted to move initially i decided I wanted to go to Seattle because I had heard Washington was a beautiful state. Then we got there and I hated Seattle (it reminded me to much of LA) so we went back and started looking in Portland, which we had stopped in for dinner on our way to Seattle. The problem is I don’t know anyone there and I’m kind of antisocial so I’m a little worried it’ll be hard for me to make friends.
  2. I didn’t think our move was going to happen so fast and I needed more time to mentally prepare, now everything is coming at me head on and it scares me.
  3. My boyfriend while I love him can be an insufferable jerk and pays all the bills so what happens if we get up there and I’m no where near my family if I need help (i don’t want to feel chained to him with no way out).
  4. My dad’s health isn’t the best and we already live 4 hours from him, after we move it’ll be like 12 hours away and I want to be able to be there for him because he really is the best.
  5. To be honest I guess all my concerns really stem from me being afraid of the change that I initiated and wanted.

This whole bright idea of mine started because my mom and little sister are doing new things with their lives. My mom moved to Napa and got a new job and my sister is about to go away to college also in Napa. I just saw them heading off on new paths and I started to wonder when I would get to do the same. Then I realized, my boyfriend was content doing the same old thing after three years of us being together and if anyone was going to make a change it had to be me. So i did and i’m not backing out now, i really am excited it’s just that I’ve started thinking things through more now that it’s actually happening.

And for the people who have never been to Portland or seen it, this is where I’m moving to: